Own business: construction of baths

Construction has always been an attractive industry for investment. Perhaps, this is generally one of the most interesting areas of activity. To create something durable that will serve people as a place of refuge, a place of rest or creation of value in the course of work – what could be more enjoyable? And solving architectural and engineering problems is always a challenge for an inquisitive mind.

However, construction as an object of entrepreneurial activity, for all its attractiveness, is not so accessible. The organization of a more or less serious construction company requires appropriate special knowledge, experience, as well as considerable capital investments for the purchase of machinery and equipment, hiring workers, etc. There are various options for organizing a business in this area – you can minimize your own investments by raising capital from the customer (share construction), attracting subcontractors to reduce the cost of your own equipment, using land funds from credit organizations, etc. But even in the case of maximum cost optimization, the organization of a construction company requires the investment of tens and hundreds of millions of rubles.

Still, there are alternatives for small businesses. It is enough to answer a few questions.

How to avoid investments in complex equipment and construction machines? 

Build something that does not require their participation.

 How to avoid the cost of hiring and paying employees? 

Build yourself. 

From this point of view, low-rise construction is ideal – cottages, small shops, premises for commercial use, for example, for a car service. But residential construction implies a set of systems for ensuring comfort and high-quality functioning of the home; the construction of industrial – albeit small – complexes requires knowledge of the features of the planned production.

Bath production as a business

 One of the most technically simple areas of construction is the construction of baths. 

In fact, the bath is a few interconnected rooms with a stove in one of the rooms; depending on the type of stove, a well-organized chimney is usually also required. Also, the premises can be equipped with running water, sewerage and other amenities, but you can completely do without them. Thus, the average bath is a building of relatively small size (usually 3×6 m is offered) with a system similar in principle of operation and installation to the heating system of a residential building. In other words – the maximum availability for construction on their own. There are many resources on the Internet dedicated to do-it-yourself construction technology. However, not everyone has free hands or the desire to work with them. This is where the space for entrepreneurship comes in.

So, if you decide to start building baths, the first thing, of course, is to study the construction technology. As mentioned, it is available in various sources on the Internet. Today, there are various construction technologies, which are classified depending on the building materials used, the design of the furnace, etc. An entrepreneur can choose either one of them or master the full set in order to offer solutions depending on the wishes of the customer.

The supporting structure of the bath building can be made of the following materials:

  • tree (log or timber);
  • brick;
  • foam or aerated concrete;
  • wooden frame filled with thermal insulation materials.

Of course, each of the materials has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used material for the construction of baths is wood. It does not emit toxic substances, retains heat for a long time, looks aesthetically pleasing, durable, quickly mounted, does not require external and special interior decoration. Brick is strong and durable, but it requires a reinforced foundation and additional thermal insulation, it warms up longer. Foam concrete does not require special skills when laying, it is lighter and warmer than brick, but it still loses to a wooden bath.

The design of the stove can also be different – it can be, for example, a brick stove or a metal stove with a so-called heater. There are certain restrictions on the use of technologies, primarily related to the availability and cost of building materials.

Required employees for the construction of baths

The next step is to decide on the team. In principle, as experts say, with the construction of a small bath – first of all it concerns a bath from a bar – you can handle it alone. On the one hand, it is very attractive – all the profit from the construction will go to one person. On the other hand, the disadvantages are much more significant than the benefits received. This is hard physical labor, and the speed of construction, and its quality. Perhaps the optimal team would be a team of three people – both during the installation of wooden structures, and during stone-assembly work. In both cases, two people can participate directly in the installation, and the third one can perform auxiliary work.

In the case of working with wood, the material can be harvested both on its own and purchased ready-made at special bases of building materials. In the first case, you will need a room in a production or warehouse complex with a suitable temperature and humidity regime. This option is suitable for the production of so-called modular buildings, which are pre-prepared at the manufacturer’s site and then assembled at the place specified by the customer. On the one hand, it is convenient and can significantly reduce construction time. On the other hand, it leads to additional costs for renting premises and maintaining an additional team of harvesters.

Sauna building equipment

For the construction of the building, we do not need any special equipment. For the preparation and processing of logs or beams, a complete set of carpentry tools is needed: hacksaws, axes, saws, squares, plumb lines, etc. For laying bricks or aerated concrete blocks – a mixer for cement-sand mortar, means of transportation, trowels. For interior work, finisher and carpenter kits will be needed. At a cost, the entire set of tools will cost a maximum of 200,000 rubles. 

The construction of the furnace will also require special knowledge and skills. There are two options here: buy a finished oven or make it yourself. The first option is certainly simpler, but a homemade oven can be much cheaper. Having mastered the technology of self-manufacturing of the furnace, the entrepreneur will provide the customer with a choice, thereby ensuring a higher competitiveness. The principle of manufacturing furnaces can also be found on the Internet in the public domain. As a rule, sheet metal is used, or a barrel or pipe of the required section and with the required wall thickness – at least 5 mm, but 10 mm is recommended to ensure the service life. To assemble metal parts, you will need a welding machine, which can be rented or given to a welder for assembly.

The cost of finished furnaces varies widely. The figure depends on the manufacturer, the principle of operation and the volume of the steam room for which this stove is designed. So, for example, the price of wood-burning stoves ranges from 13 to 180 thousand rubles. Electric ovens are somewhat cheaper – up to 100,000 rubles. However, in terms of the quality of the heating, they are inferior to wooden ones.

Strictly speaking, with the material part, this can be completed. 

Legal registration of business for the construction of baths

After the team has been selected and all the preparations related to the tool have been made, it is necessary to deal with the legal side of the issue – registering a business and obtaining a license. Registration of a business entity is a standard procedure that involves visiting the tax service, pension fund, Rosstat branch. After that, it is necessary to obtain a building license, and for this it is necessary to join the SRO – a self-regulatory organization, a mandatory industry institute since 2008. The SRO performs the function of regulating and controlling the activities of its participants. Depending on the type of activity and expected volumes, the entrance fee also changes. As of the end of 2015, for the type of activity under consideration, it is about 40,000 rubles.

Search for customers

Finding and attracting a customer requires special attention. Bath in Russia has long moved from the category of necessary things to the category of entertainment. However, this in no way reduces its popularity and relevance. Many owners of country houses seek to enrich the ownership of their own bath sooner or later. But the competition here is not weak. In each region there are at least two to three dozen companies advertising their services via the Internet. To this number, you can add the same number (and even more) craftsmen who are not actively advertised, but work on the recommendations of friends, with the help of word of mouth. In addition to custom-built saunas, we also offer modular saunas, barrel saunas, saunas on wheels , etc. Therefore, it is necessary to be prepared for difficulties at the first stage.

To actively promote your services, you can use the following tools:

  • own website with examples of work, examples of projects and useful related information;
  • industry online and offline directories;
  • advertising in the print media on the topic of construction, renovation, gardening, etc.;
  • advertising in glossy print media if the company decided to position itself in the premium segment.

It would also be nice to rent a site, for example, within the construction market, on which a sample will be located – a reduced model of a real bath, say, 3×3 in size. This will allow potential buyers to see your opportunities with their own eyes before the conclusion of the contract and the payment of the advance. And this is a weighty argument in favor of working with you. And of course, quality, speed of work, attention to the wishes of the customer – all this will allow you to earn recommendations from satisfied customers.

How much can you earn in the production of baths? 

The cost of a finished bath (without equipment) 6×8 m in size, made of glued laminated timber, is approximately 500,000 rubles; log baths can be somewhat more expensive, but, in general, their cost is approximately equal to log baths. The cost of materials in this case will be 250-300 thousand rubles. The rest is the cost of work, the same earnings for which the business was organized. The construction of even a large-sized bath by a qualified team will hardly take more than a half month; a modular bath can be assembled in less than a week. Thus, the profit (before tax) will be up to 500 thousand rubles per month. The money is not that big, but not small either. In addition, there are many ways to increase this income. For example, to accelerate the pace of construction. Offer additional options: equipment installation, additional insulation, fire fighting system, etc.; in this case, you can act as a general contractor and attract third-party contractors, receiving a certain percentage from them.

If the entrepreneur decides to master the premium segment, the cost of work can be safely multiplied by two. However, in this case, the requirements for the finished object will be much stricter than with budget construction. Premium baths are usually built using precious woods, and this requires craftsmanship and honed skills.

Directions for additional income

Additional earnings can also be provided with the help of a comprehensive offer – a turnkey bathhouse, when the customer receives not just a building, but a ready-to-use bathhouse with a fine finish and installed equipment. This approach will make it possible to earn money on equipment, too, by “winding up” a small percentage, or by receiving an additional discount from the supplier.

Many companies, having mastered the technology of building from timber and logs, do not stop at bathhouses. A more difficult, but at the same time, more profitable direction is the construction of houses – residential, country houses. There is more space for implementing an integrated approach, and, consequently, higher profitability.

But the development does not end there. Having perfected the construction technology, having developed a client base, an entrepreneur can form new teams. Thus, several objects will be built at the same time. With the proper organization of such a business, monthly profits can reach a million rubles or more.

Still, this is a matter for the future. If we talk about the work of only one team, investments in the tool and licensing will be beaten off after one or two constructed objects, provided that the participants are equal “shareholders”. In the case of using hired workers, investments will pay off three or four ready-made baths.

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